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Our second day in Koh Phi Phi started out rather late and slowly, as sleeping was tough. Our guesthouse in Koh Phi Phi was not on the main party beach, but also not far enough to avoid hearing the upbeat music in our bedroom until 3 AM in the morning…

Thailand Koh Phi Phi Monkey Beach
Koh Phi Phi Monkey Beach

We went to the beach and rented a kayak in order to go explore the beaches accessible by water only. First stop was Monkey Beach, a beach where monkeys are in charge. It was not our first encounter with this type of monkeys, but it was still cool to see them in free nature tanning on the beach. Those monkeys are very used to people, however you have to be very careful of your belongings. The monkeys would grab your bags faster than you can look. Beware if you try to claim them back! We saw people leaving with scratches!

Koh Phi Phi Kayaking
Koh Phi Phi Kayaking

Second stop with the kayak required us to paddle across to the other side of the Phi Phi bay, called Nui Bay, with about 30-40 minutes of paddling. The reward was worth it! We arrived at a small seculeded beach with only a few other fit kayakers there. The sand was white and the water clear, exactly what we have been looking for!

After relaxing for about 45 mins, we started our way back, this turned out to be much harded than the way there, the currents were against us, the water choppier, and it was the longest stretch of kayaking we had to make. It took us about 45 mins until we arrived, but the bay was already dry, low tide in Phi phi means about one hundred meters of additional beach forms. So we dragged the kayak on the sand as close as we could, until the kayak owner told us it’s ok to leave it there. Probably they pick them up later in the evening when the tide is high and the water comes back.

We ended the day at one of the beach parties, staying up until 1.00 am at the beach, and continuing to listen to the same music from our bedroom after that (unfortunately..!)

Koh Phi Phi Nui Bay
Koh Phi Phi Nui Bay


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