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It’s been one week since we checked out as official residents from the Royal Lanta resort in Koh Lanta. It’s been a busy week for us since then, but of course we don’t want to miss capturing the last couple of days. So, here the summary of our last few days.

On the last day at Royal Lanta (Monday, 19 Nov 2018), we continued our routine, that by this time felt like we had been following forever 🙂 We woke up from the natural light entering the room, went to have the buffet breakfast, and chilled by the pool and beach all day. 10 days of this stuff really makes you lazy, it was hard to imagine doing anything productive or travelling anywhere. So we decided to book another night in one of the guesthouses down the road, which also had a pool (and was cheaper!).

Later in the afternoon we went to have our long awaited massage. We had passed the massage place by the beach for a while, and thought it cannot be that bad, after all a massage by the beach is ideal. With the price of 400 TBH for a one hour oil massage it was perfectly in the regular price range.

Once started, it turned out that this place was the furthest you could go from a relaxing beach massage, because:

  1. We were sardines in a tin can! The place had a row of massage beds, each 20 cm apart from each other. It was a massage mass factory! ??
  2. It was freezing! Although it was an open air space, there were so many fans blowing directly at us, that it was more uncomfortable than refreshing.
  3. As mentioned, the massage was an open space area. So instead of walls there were mobiles of hundreds of shells hanging down from ceiling to floor. It looked very bohemian and stylish BUT those things were non-stop moving in the wind, making noise that was difficult to zone out. (You can see the massage shop and shells in the background of the post picture) One more proof that you shouldn’t go for looks only when you choose something/(-one)!
  4. Speaking about noise, we could hear everything around us. From the restaurant on the right that was cooking wok dishes, to people shouting on the beach, the breaking waves of the ocean, which in combination with the fan sounded like a tsunami was coming our way, to the massage ladies having their private conversations while sitting on our backs ?
  5. Last but not least, we signed up for a relaxing oil massage. What we received was however more a stretching and bone breaking massage, which made us hope that the ladies had sufficient certification and knew what they were doing! Ouch!

Lesson learnt: next time we will do some online research about recommended places to go to! ?