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We are writing a future best selling book that will change your life forever. You already read it in the title: we are writing the new international best selling book in the category Travel and Self-development! We are writing it while traveling full-time.

Why is it a future best selling book?

If the book is not available in the stores yet, how can we be sure that it will be a bestseller, you’re wondering?

Well, because of three things:

1. It is the first book that is talking about a revolutionary movement of our generation to discover themselves and their idea of a happy life beyond borders and societal ideals.

2. It is a book that is not only capturing our experiences and thoughts about long term travel but shares the stories of millennials around the globe that decided to do something different, that took risks, and that put their hearts and souls into working on their dreams.

3. Because we are working our asses off to make it happen!

Who the hell are we & what the heck got into us to write a book?

We are not the traditional writers. Actually, we didn’t consider ourselves as writers until we started travelling. When we set out to travel full-time in October 2018, we didn’t know that we will be authoring a book. 

In the Al Sharquiah desert in Oman

You may see us as your typical millennials: having everything and more, never having enough, and being married to FOMO. You can say, we had a perfect life: we are a couple in our late 20’s, we had our business degrees, decent jobs with indefinite employment contracts and comfortable salaries.

We were living in our newly renovated apartment in the heart of Amsterdam. In the weekends, we had fun with friends, 25 vacation days per year, and over 20 countries ticked off.

Besides all that, we even had a blow-up boat named “tsavi” (the Hebrew word for “turtle”) on which we would cruise the canals in Amsterdam during warm summer evenings. 

We also had something else: a bucket list full of things that we couldn’t fit into a routine life and a burnout. 

When we decided to take the leap of our lives, to quit our jobs, and hand over our apartment to strangers, we did it with a promise to ourselves: To see the world and to create a life that we wouldn’t need to take a vacation from. 

Why is this topic important?

With the dirty 30 approaching, we thought we would be 2 of the very few old and crazy ones that chose this path, but we were surprised to see the opposite!

We met so many fellow travellers (solo and couples) that traded their comfortable lives in the search for something else, something better, something new.

They all had their unique motives and unique journeys, but they all also had something in common: they were in love with places they have never seen, hungry for food they have never tasted, and they believed that their best lives lied still ahead!

Those people didn’t have it all figured out, they are not bathing in money, but they did the right things to make this lifestyle happen for them. And most importantly, they think everyone can do it and they are eager to share their experiences and advice to help you to make it happen as well!

Why you will want to read our best selling book

In our book you will find the stories of 10 couples and families from all the world that traded their daily routines to live the nomad life. They all have un-settled down, some are still on the road, others have returned or found a home in other parts of the world.

Each of them has a unique story to tell and they shared with us their biggest learnings, their advice for planning and financing such a trip, and they all have their own personal message to you. 

Our book is telling their stories next to useful know-how and interesting statistics around the topics millennials and long-term travel.

Do you know how many people are unhappy with their current jobs?

How many can imagine to go traveling long-term?

What their motivators are and what is holding them back?

We have it all covered. See our post about why you should change your life today, which includes our survey results so far from over 250 millennials. 

After reading our book, you will not only understand our generation better but you will also have a guide on how to start building your own dream life.

Spoiler alert: it doesn’t have to be necessarily travel!

What qualifies us to publish a printed book?

Bestselling books are written by bestseller authors, right?

So what qualifies us two new-bees to write and publish a bestselling book? Besides our crazy determination and the stories we have to share, you might think not too much.

We don’t have experience in book writing, editing, or publishing. Besides the fact that every big tree was first planted with a small seed, what we do have is a message we believe in. And not only us but also the 10 couples that shared their stories with us and hundreds of others that answered our questions.

We believe that everyone has a strength and a purpose. Ours is to be the bridge between those travellers and you.

There are amazing editors, publishers, and designers out there that help us with delivering the book into your hands. If you are one of those heroes and would like to be a part of a revolutionary book, you are warmly invited to drop us a line.

When will it be available?

We are currently processing the in-depth interviews we had with travellers and other professionals that are experts on travel, career, and life coaching, as well as the statistics we received from our global survey with millennials.

After completing our trek through the Himalayas in the next 2 weeks, we plan a month of writing in Bali. We want to complete our first manuscript. After that we’ll have to go through a round of self-editing before it goes out for professional editing together with a big chunk of publishing and promotional work.

We’ll definitely hook you up with a date for the book launch party once we’re closer! 

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By the way, did we mention that we are working on our book while traveling full-time!

That means Asia’s notoriously poor wifi connection, Skype calls from budget hotel rooms, endless hours in cafes with expensive cappuccinos, and up to 15 hours of time difference with our interviewees.

We have definitely some funny stories to share about this process but we’ll leave it to another post to go into that! 🙂

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So, we are working on a future bestselling book that is sharing the secret of traveling long-term and designing a life that you won’t need to take a vacation from.

We say “future” best selling book because it is still in the making.

It’s a bold statement but, wanna bet we’ll make it happen?

Besides being just crazy, we are also crazy competitive, which means we hate to lose a bet! 😀


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