We are all good storytellers, but how often do we write the stories we tell?

Everyone that makes a drastic change in his or her life has a story to tell.

After all, people don’t just throw their lives upside-down every other day according to their mood. It is usually a process and a build up of things that lead to those radical changes. There is just one problem, changes often happen to us, without much planning or schedule. The story then becomes the aftermath of a bunch of random events that link together retrospectively.

Now you must be thinking, this is just how life works. But what if it isn’t?

Through pursuing our bucket list dream of travelling the world, we had the mind space and time to reflect and understand our own story better. Prior to setting off on our trip, we were both unhappy with our lifestyles. It was a mix of things that have been present for a while, but we could not pinpoint them to make the needed changes. After 8 nomadic months full of reflection and evaluation it finally dawned on us. 

We were not writing our stories, but had them written for us.

The astounding part is that we are not alone. People often live their lives on autopilot and can endure unhappiness for long periods of time before finally making a change. Our survey revealed that 9 out of 10 respondents would like to take a break from their current lifestyle, and 70% of them had that feeling for longer than 6 months. But what does all of that mean?

Everyone should be able to create a lifestyle full of purpose and happiness. In spite of that, there seem to be various barriers that hold us back. Change isn’t easy. It calls for us to get out of our comfort zone and trade what currently works well for something that we are unfamiliar with. We are required to leave our security behind, and explore uncharted territory. And besides the accompanying uncertainty, where do we even begin and what should be tackled first? Nonetheless, people still make changes to live a more fulfilling lifestyle. It all boils down to figuring out what you want to change and then planning how to do it. 

Here is something we can agree on, changes do not happen over night and usually involve a series of events before they actually occur. Many of us dream of a different lifestyle, but instead of pursuing those desires, we often halt and hope for an external force to improve our situation.

The key is to start somewhere. Allow us to elaborate. 

Over the past weeks, we have been working on a framework that will help you to go through a mindful reflection on your values and dreams, and set actionable goals for the future. The framework is based on our own experience as well as proven principles and techniques. We are testing various parts of it to ensure it will have the impact we would like it to have on people’s lives. Today, we’ll be sharing a part of the framework with you. Let us lift the veil for you.

You are about to find out how to start making a change in your life. This is an exercise we developed and it will only take 10 minutes of your time.

1. Map out your daily routine

Grab a blank sheet of paper or open a new document on the computer, and think of all activities you typically do on a regular day. Take into account everything from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. Write these down in a chronological order from morning till evening. 

2. Rank activities according to your energy level

Now, next to the activities make a note of your energy level, ranking it on a scale of Low, Medium, or High. Low being activities that take energy, and high are activities that give you energy. You can even color-code them to make a more visual impression. 

3. Start making a positive change

Once completed, you will have a clear picture of your daily routine and how you feel about every activity involved. That’s where it gets interesting! It’s time to make positive changes. 

As mentioned earlier, start with small steps. Look at the overview and pick something you would like to change today. Through eliminating something, or doing more of something, you can start your journey towards a more fulfilling lifestyle. 

Will you start writing your own story?

Although change is difficult, it is important to start somewhere rather than waiting for something to happen or the right timing. Start off by figuring out what exactly it is that you want to change and then take small steps towards it. 

Did you know that habits form a large part of our daily routine? Next week we’ll dig into how we can take charge of our habits. 

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