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Becoming an online entrepreneur or starting out as a new blogger seems easier than it has ever been before.

All you need is to think of is a domain name, get a hosting package, install a CMS (the holy WordPress), and there you have it! Once you have your website set up, you have created the opportunity to earn money online.

Yet, there’s a problem.

Putting your website online is only the start. While the entry threshold is rather low for an online business, actually growing your business and earning an income is difficult given the large competition. 

To be a successful online entrepreneur you need to have an all-around set of skills. That is, you need to know a bit of everything. 

Since you are here, you probably also want to read 

We started our Life Design blog nearly one year ago as complete newbies to the blogging world. We learned so much over the past year, and finally we can see that our blog is moving in the right direction. Upwards that is. 

Over the last month alone, we doubled our blog traffic, acquired 15K monthly unique viewers on Pinterest, and grew our email list by 10%.

It took us a lot of time and frustration to figure out which skills are important and how we can learn them. We don’t want the same for you, and that is why we have a little gift for you. 

We have compiled a list of 6 resources that we wish we had when we started off as online entrepreneurs. The best part is, they are totally FREE!

Below you’ll find our top picks to master your website SEO, excel in online marketing, and grow a strong entrepreneurial mindset.

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7 Resources for online entrepreneurs and new bloggers that are actually worth your time

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you use them to make a purchase, we will earn a small commission. There are no additional costs to you, but it helps us keep this blog alive. The products and services we recommend are based on our own opinions. Enjoy!

1. Yoast SEO Courses for bloggers

Yoast is probably the most widely used WordPress SEO tool out there. Their mission is to give everyone the opportunity to rank in search engines by using the right SEO strategies. 

While they offer a premium version of their WordPress plugin and a range of paid courses, their Free SEO For Beginners Course will get you up to speed quick and easy. We have followed many free SEO courses, and this is by far the best one out there.

2. Anastasia Blogger – Pinterest guru for new bloggers

One coach we wish we would have found 1 year ago is Pinterest expert Anastasia from Anastasia Blogger. 

Why Pinterest? You probably think, everyone who wants to be somebody nowadays is hanging out on Instagram. True … and yet, Pinterest is by far the best social referral tool for successful bloggers.

It is a traffic driving machine and this is why you should make sure to learn everything you can about Pinterest, like YESTERDAY!

Anastasia is our favourite Pinterest coach and everything we know about Pinterest marketing is thanks to her. She recently hit the 10 Million unique viewers mark on Pinterest and is driving over 230K monthly page views to her blog through Pinterest marketing. She is sharing her best Pinterest strategies and tips on her Youtube channel and you can download her free Pinterest SEO checklist.

Grow your website traffic through organic Pinterest traffic with this course. Learn everything there is to know about Pinterest SEO traffic.

3. Vanessa Lau – Email marketing for successful online entrepreneurs

Vanessa Lau is a business coach for the modern millennial entrepreneur. She is talking about topics that are relevant to starting and growing your online business. In her Youtube videos, she covers a variety of topics such as entrepreneurial mindset, social media marketing, and sales.

Although her focus is primarily on Youtube marketing, we particularly love her content around mastering email marketing. Her tips helped us to grow a loyal audience of true fans of our blog by growing our email list. 

4. Laura from Travel_tothebeat – Instagram marketing 

Instagram is arguably the best platform for building strong relationships and trust with your audience. It’s also where you can show credibility and passion for the topics you’re talking about.

Laura from @travel_tothebeat is such a sunshine and she is absolutely killing it with her actionable tips for growing your online business through Instagram marketing. 

Laura’s emphasises on helping you to define the differentiating value of your business or personal brand and to effectively communicate it on Instagram. You should follow Laura if you want to learn how you can use Instagram to create leads for your business and convert them into paying happy customers.

We love the Instagram posting schedule she shared for making it easier for you to come up with topic inspiration for daily Instagram posts.

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6 Resources for new blogging beginners that are actually worth your time


5. The Content Bug – Youtube marketing

We discovered Cathrin from The Content Bug on Pinterest. We got hooked on her short cut-to-the-chase Youtube videos around Pinterest marketing. Her lessons around growing your Pinterest audience is definitely worth watching. However, we recommend you to follow Cathrin if you’re considering to start a new Youtube channel and make money from video views.

If you’re like us, learning from somebody that already has hundreds of thousands of followers can be inspiring but also intimidating at the same time. Cathrin has grown her Youtube channel to almost 10K subscribers within one year. Now she is sharing her best advice and lessons in a very relatable way to help you do the same. 

6. Lexi Beal – Mindset Coach for the confident online entrepreneur

Starting your entrepreneurial journey is the beginning of a new extremely exciting time! Yet, it is almost inevitable to sooner or later run into moments that frustrate you, make you doubt yourself, and question if you’re on the right track. That’s absolutely normal and is the side effect of being a badass!

In these kind of moments we like to fall back to Lexi’s Instagram account @lexibeal. Lexi is a life coach and an absolute genius with her motivational captions about mindset, life, and career.

If you’re looking to bring more positivity into your life and mind, Lexi is your girl!

Bonus 7th free resource – Skillshare

One platform that we use a lot to learn a variety of skills is SkillShare. They offer courses that are created by professionals in certain fields. You can use our link and get a 2 months FREE trial to SkillShare.

In 2 months you can be sure to learn many new skills with the compact courses on SkillShare. They cover topics from SEO, blogging, Pinterest, online marketing, web-design, etc. SkillShare is our go to place when we need to learn something new.

Become a rounded online entrepreneur

Like any delicious meal is created from a variety of ingredients to create harmonious flavors, so is a successful online entrepreneur. 

The above 6 resources are the basis of what we are using after one year of new bloggers and online entrepreneurs. 

Subscribe to those resources and keep yourself up-to-date with their newsletters and blogs to stay on top of the game. This is what has helped us grow our business from nothing to something in less than one year. 

If you have any resource that should be added to the list, leave us a comment below. We are always open to learn new things, especially from our readers.

Keep up the good spirits!