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Our last stop in Malaysia before continuing to Thailand was the island Langkawi. Langkawi is situated in the West of the country and the better choice for beach holiday when the Perhentian islands on the East coast are closed off due to Monsoon season.

Apart from having some trouble with our guesthouse (totally over-priced for what you get) and changing accommodations in between, we absolutely enjoyed Langkawi! Our first WOW moment was when we saw the main beach for the first time. The beach is called Pantai Cenang and is the biggest beach on the island. We came just in time for sunset and were surprised by the great atmosphere of music and people. The beach is beautiful with wide stretches of white sand and very cozy beach bars and restaurants along the shore line. We were blown away and so happy to be there!

Unfortunately, on the next day we were quite disappointed to notice that the water was full of jelly fish at Pantai Penang beach … it is not dangerous but really not pleasant. You don’t see the jelly fish but you notice them when your skin starts itching and stinging. Locals confirmed that sadly the water is indeed full of jelly fish.

We were recommended to try another jelly fish free beach further up North on the island, called Tanjung Rhu. We rented a scooter and went up the coast line, stopping at the Seven Wells Waterfall and the Black Sand beach on the way.

You have a very beautiful view from the Tanjung Rhu beach on the mangroves in the water. The water was very shallow (could be also related to the times of the tide, we arrived in the afternoon around 3 to 4 PM), so you could even walk up to the little islands in front. The water was indeed free of jelly fish, however the ground was not pure sand but covered with mushy grass, which was a bit… hmmm how should we put it … funny to walk on 🙂 

On top of black sand beach by scooter

We didn’t have big expectations for the Seven Wells Waterfall and we didn’t do any internet research before we went, so we were really surprised about what we found when we got there. First, because it was quite a long up-hill staircase walk to get to the top of the waterfall, and second because you will find the most amazing scenery up there! The water fall carved little stone beds which are filled with refreshing waterfall water, in which you can sit, relax, and enjoy the panoramic view from the top. It was really spectacular and absolutely recommendable!

natural water pools at Seven Wells Waterfalls

On our way back we stumbled over a night market. This is another thing we loved about Langkawi, the night markets! They take place every evening in different parts of the island and you can find all kinds of snacks, dishes, desserts, and beverages there. It’s so much fun to discover and try new foods, we absolutely loved it!

Overall, exploring the island by scooter is very convenient and we would highly recommend it. The streets are well maintained and mostly moderate in traffic. Overall, we felt comfortable throughout the trip.

Malaysian pancake dessert being prepared at Langkawi night market

The rest of our time we spent relaxing by the beach or in our hostel when we wanted to take a break from the sun. It was a very relaxing stay and it prepared us from even more relaxation to come in Koh Lanta, which would be our next and sixth stop on the trip.


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