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First, a little disclaimer. I wrote this as I was sitting on a speed ferry from Penang to Langkawi. It was 2 days past Halloween, and while social media was full with people dressing up in scary costumes and visiting Halloween parties, I just needed to set a foot on a boat moving through choppy waters, and there, my personal terrifying Halloween. So if there should be a little more drama than considered appropriate in the following experience report, blame it on my risen adrenalin levels …

Malaysia – Truly Asia?! This is a marketing slogan you might have heard from Malaysian Airlines and it was the line that sparked our curiosity about Malaysia. Does this country really have it all and what does it mean anyway?

Our route through Malaysia looked as follows:

  • 3 days Kuala Lumpur
  • 4 days Cameron Highlands
  • 4 days Penang
  • 6 days Langkawi

Of course this is only a handful of places in Malaysia, which is why we wouldn’t like to generalize our impressions over the country as a whole. Yet, we would like to mention our highlights and lowlights, location by location. Click yourself into the various destinations in Malaysia we visited on our trip from South to North of the country.

Our overall verdict to the question Malaysia – Truly Asia? is as follows. Malaysia is home to many people from all over Asia such as Chinese, Indian, and others, which is surely coins the infrastructure, cuisine, and culture of the country. So, you can indeed say that you truly see an all-in-one Asia. You have to keep in mind, however, that Malaysia is very developed and organised as compared to some other countries in Asia. If you start your Asia adventure with Malaysia you will for sure have a smooth introduction to the Asian culture and lifestyle. If you want a more authentic gateway to Asia, however, and are not afraid of a little culture shock, our recommendation is to start with Thailand. 


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