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After a demanding but highly rewarding trekking adventure in the Himalayas in Nepal, we decided to head for a treat to Kuala Lumpur, before continuing to Bali to start our co-working adventure. Why “treat”? Because we stayed in one of the most exclusive hotels in KL city – Alila Bangsar Hotel. Read here why we enjoyed our stay so much and why you should pick Alila Bangsar the next time you want to spoil yourself or your loved one(s).

The Alila Bangsar Hotel is the definition of a luxury design hotel, that will leave you with an ever lasting impression and desire to return. We had a memorable 2 nights stay at this urban retreat and are happy to share our experience of staying at Alila Bangsar.

Still recovering from Kathmandu’s unnerving busy-ness and exhausted from the 9 hours journey, we couldn’t have been welcomed in a more relaxing way. Entering the ground floor of Alila Bangsar, we were greeted by the concierge who offered to escort our luggage to the room and directed us to take the lift up to the 41st floor for the reception.

Alila Bangsar Loby
Alila Bangsar Loby

41st floor? Holy moly, we like that! After an ear-popping ride up the lift, the lobby on the 41st floor offered a jaw-dropping scene: a panoramic view over the skyline of Kuala Lumpur with city lights that left us silent for a moment and humbled by its beauty! The view was only matched by the extravagance of the lobby. The lush plants, a well-designed lighting, and a sitting area made you feel at home – or should we rather say “in the home of our dreams”? There is so much attention to details in this hotel that you need a moment to take it all in. 

Location in the heart of KL City

Alila Bangsar is located in the Bangsar Utama district in Kuala Lumpur, which is a central location that is easy to access from and to anywhere else in the city. With a bridge connecting the hotel to the Bangsar LRT station, you can be in the metro in just 2 minutes. It is one stop away from the KL Central Station and a 20-minutes ride from KLCC by LRT. The famous Batu Caves are just a 40-minutes ride away. Besides the LRT system that makes it easy to reach any spot in the city, there are restaurants and cafés within walking distance that you can easily reach if you would like explore some of the nearby surroundings.

Make our foodie dreams come true!

The Alila Bangsar Hotel restaurant is located on the 41st floor of the building, with a seating area overlooking the entire city. We especially enjoyed the a la carte breakfast menu and the buffet. You have the option to choose from a variety of set breakfast meals, amongst others an International menu as well as the local Nasi Lemak breakfast, offering something for everyone. 

Alila Bangsar Breakfast
Alila Bangsar Breakfast

The set breakfast arrives on a stylish platter, where every part of the meal has been carefully placed on the plates. A true work of art! Besides the set meal, we also enjoyed the breakfast buffet that comprised a whole lot of different foods, ranging from fruits and veggies to delicious pastries. The fruits were exotic, and the pastries included some local specialities. Overall, the breakfast is very diverse with many options to try local and unique dishes. 

Another cocktail please!

Pairing the extravagant style of the hotel, the bar has everything and more of what you can ask from a sky bar. Dark grey stone and a great attention to interior design and lighting transport you right into a movie scene. 

Alila Bangsar Cocktail
Alila Bangsar Cocktail

To celebrate our arrival, we treated ourselves to some cocktails. The bar tender helped us pick our cocktails and managed to hit the right taste buds with precision. Sitting by the bar, sipping our drinks, and looking over Kuala Lumpur by night was an unforgettable experience we will love to look back to. 

Wellness over the sky line of Kuala Lumpur

The outdoor pool of the hotel is located on the 40th floor and makes an impressive view from the 41st floor. Walking down the stylish steps to the pool area is a real urban treat. The design remains consistent all throughout Alila Bangsar, with lush plantations and a slick grey stone surrounding the pool. There are sufficient sun beds, overlooking the city (this is a recurring theme in this hotel ☺) and the beautiful pool area. 

We did not get to spend much time in the gym as we had a jam-pack trip to KL, but we did stop by to take a look at the facilities. The gym is full with new equipment, and has everything you need for a great workout.  

When you want to pin every corner of your hotel room to your Pinterest board of “dream house ideas” 

We stayed at the Deluxe Studio room on the 39th floor of the Alila Bangsar hotel. The room was pure luxury! Carefully designed, with stylish furniture, left us wanting to make this place our new home. We were so inspired by the design, that we left with  many new ideas for our new home goals.

Alila Bangsar Bedroom
Alila Bangsar Bedroom

Entering the room, we walked passed the sleeping area to the beautifully designed living room area with a floor to ceiling window. The living room area, separated by a glass window from the sleeping area, had a chic seating area and a dining table. The sleeping area had a king size bed with a large flat screen TV right in front of it. We think the designer had the goal of making guests never want to leave the bed!

Alila Bangsar Chic Rain Shower
Alila Bangsar Chic Rain Shower

The bathroom is where we were left absolutely stunned. The slick grey stone design mixed with the light brown wood made us excited to hop in. The spacious rain shower was closed off with a glass wall and dimly lighted to give you a true relaxing feeling. There were delicious smelling toiletries and plenty of amenities to make your personal care experience perfect.

Thank you Alila Bangsar! 

All in all, our stay in Alila Bangsar Hotel made us feel royal and gave us the much needed relaxation before our upcoming work sprint. We experienced luxury in a whole new level, with friendly staff, ready to help out and make us feel comfortable at any moment. We will definitely not forget our stay at this hotel, and would love to come back next time we are in Kuala Lumpur. 


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