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Ngapali is one of those few spots in the world that have not been discovered by mass tourism yet. You will fall in love with its beautiful beaches, romantic sunsets, and friendly people. And as laughter is loudest where food is best, you will have some unforgettable fun evenings with the best seafood of Myanmar!

Here is our list of favourite seafood restaurants in Ngapali. As Ngapali (as the whole of Myanmar) is a relatively non-touristic place, you will find equally both foreign as well as local visitors in the restaurants.


This beach restaurant is very popular, so you might have to wait for a table for a couple of minutes. Usually this is not a problem as they offer a very affordable cocktails menu which you can enjoy on some relaxed chairs and tables with view to the sea. Make sure to try their bbq seafood, it’s super fresh and delicious and the best we had in Ngapali! Our favourites were the bbq king prawns and the mixed seafood grill; we were licking our fingers afterwards. They serve nuts as a starter snack and desert, usually watermelon or baked banana, for free with every meal. At the end of your meal, the owner will sit down with you at your table to write the bill and share some laughs together, super nice and authentic! 

Seagull is good for lunch and dinner, but if you have to choose, go for dinner as the restaurant has a nice atmosphere in the evening.

  • Average seafood price: 6000-10000 Ks (3-6 EUR)
  • Average salad price: 2500 Ks (a bit over 1 EUR)
  • Average cocktail price: 3000 Ks (2 EUR)

Sea King by the beach

Our favourite lunch place by the beach was Sea King, which is only 100 meters down the beach from Seagull restaurant. This cute little place convinced us mainly with their cheapest and best fruit shake and juice menu and their insanely cheap cocktails! Also, the owner is such a sweet lady who tried to win us over every day for her fresh seafood. Best options for lunch were for us their delicious salads. We couldn’t get enough especially of the tea leaf salad and avocado salad. Also their big portion soups and huge portion of amazingly fresh and tasty seafood fried noddles were a hit with us.

We preferred eating at Sea King during the day and having a cocktail during sunset. For dinner, they often times played loud electronic music which we found a bit unrelating for enjoying a cozy dinner by the beach. 

  • Average seafood price: 5000-8000 Ks (a bit under 3-5 EUR)
  • Average salad price: 2000 Ks (a bit over 1 EUR)
  • Average cocktail price: 1500 Ks (less than 1 EUR)

Coconut Beach restaurant

Coconut Beach is the neighbouring restaurant of Seagull and is a good option for lunch and dinner. With less tables than Seagull it is more cozy and intimate. We loved their avocado salad and would even say it was the best we had in Ngapali. Also, they have great seafood and delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries. If you go for a fruit shake, try the banana one, it’s super nice and creamy!  

  • Average seafood price: 5000-8000 (a bit under 3-5 EUR)
  • Average salad price: 2500 Ks (a bit over 1 EUR)
  • Average cocktail price: 2000 Ks (a bit over 1 EUR)
Ngapali Beach Myanmar Restaurant
Ngapali Beach Myanmar Restaurant

Golden Rose restaurant

Golden Rose is the only restaurant in this list which is not located by the beach. They are situated by the main road by a little bridge over a small river and which its lighting it looks definitely romantic! Their highlight is seafood and they serve it in a very special way on a big tray, decorated with banana leaves, in the middle of the table. The prices are very good and they serve rice in a big pot per table instead of plate portions, so you can be sure to leave full! If you feel like switching rice for fries for a change, their fries are really good too! They also have a variety of set menus of starters, mains, and deserts to choose from for only 6000 to 10000 Kyats. Also here you will get complementary fruit desert to round off your meal. 

  • Average seafood price: 6000-10000 Ks for a whole menu (3-6 EUR)
  • Average salad price: 2500 Ks (a bit over 1 EUR)
  • Average cocktail price: 2000 Ks (a bit over 1 EUR)


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