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When visiting Oman, it is important to be aware of the Oman dress code and respect the culture and traditions of the country.

A trip to Oman is unique due to the friendly culture, the endless desert terrain, and the well developed and safe roads.

Read this article to find what dress code you should conform to for the best experience and what you should pack for your trip to Oman.

We’ll walk you through all the must-have items to pack for your Oman Trip. 

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When visiting Oman, it is important be aware of the Oman dress code, and respect the traditions of the country. Here is how to pack for your trip to Oman. Know what to wear when going swimming in Wadis, visit mosques, or taking a road trip trough the mountains in Oman. Travel Oman while being considerate of the local customs and way of dressing, to make your trip pleasant for you as a tourist.

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Background of the Oman Dress Code

Oman is a Muslim country in the Middle East, where traditions and values are reflected in the way men and women dress. The dress code for both genders is conservative and might seem a little bewildering at first.

The large employment migration from countries like India and Bangladesh as well as the inflow of Western expats bring a balanced mix into the overall appearance of people on the streets.

Omani people are very friendly and accepting, and you won’t feel uncomfortable at all if you comply with a number of simple rules in your attire.

What is the Oman dress code?

The Omani way of dressing is Muslim conservative.

The national Omani dress for men is an ankle-length collarless robe with long sleeves, called a dishdasha, and a little hat that usually comes in white and has a variety of beautiful embroidery.

Omani women traditionally wear a long, often black, sirwal and headscarf (hijab). The hijab is commonly showing only the face and sometimes only the eyes.

Tradition is largely contributing to the way of dressing as opposed to religion. The religious texts speak merely about a decent dress code.

We had an interesting Q&A in the Qaboos Grand Mosque in Muscat about the traditional way of dressing in Oman over tea and dates.

We recommend you to take the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about Oman, its history, and religious traditions at the Information Center during your visit to the Grand Mosque.

Omani couple by Al Qurum beach in Muscat

Omani couple by Al Qurum beach in Muscat

At first, the Omani attire might feel like creating an invisible wall between you and the local people. Yet, it is a cultural asset of the country more than anything else.

They are still preserving it, and both men and women will meet you in a friendly and curious way. 

In fact, you will see that many of the Indian people living in Oman will dress in their Indian traditional clothing.

Regardless of whether the dress code of a certain country may be very different from the way we dress in the Western world.

It is wonderful to see how some countries succeed in maintaining traditions that are long forgotten in our parts of the world.

The Omani Bedouin Clothing

We even had the chance to try on traditional Omani Bedouin clothing during our visit to the Sharquiya desert and to learn traditional dancing as well as about life in the desert.

Oman itinerary for a 7 days road trip in Oman

When you visit the Sharquiya Sands in Oman, you can’t miss out on staying 1 night at a desert camp! You will truly feel like Scheherazade and Aladdin in 1001 Nights!

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Staying at Wahiba Bedouin Rustic Camp is a true adventure, which includes:

  • A big tent accommodation (with actual beds inside)
  • Dinner and breakfast
  • Unlimited water, tea, coffee, and dates
  • Traditional Bedouin dress up and dancing
  • Campfire night with explanation about the Bedouins in Oman and a Q&A about traditional life in Oman
  • Camels and goat feeding
  • Last but not least: unlimited sand!
Oman Dress Code What to wear during your Oman road trip in 2020

Tomer moved his bed outside and slept under the stars!

Some basic dress code rules for a comfortable experience

We have seen female tourists in spaghetti tops and mini skirts roaming the traditional Souq in Muscat. Most of the time nobody will say anything, but locals might feel offended.

In the Western world, we are used to a liberal dress code. In our home city Amsterdam, for example, everyone can express themselves freely in their style without anybody judging or looking strange.

The crazier, the more points for style!

This is a total contrast to Oman where people are very traditional and conservative in their clothing. The fact that most Omani people won’t speak up against you freely does not make it automatically okay.

Our opinion is that whenever you are in a foreign country, you should try to comply as much as possible with the norms and habits of the place.

It’s not much different from the Western debate of tanning bra-less. You usually wouldn’t say anything against it, but you might feel uncomfortable if you are not used to it.

Okay, so you’re eager to pack that suitcase or backpack and wonder what is appropriate to take with you.

Let’s move on some tips from us, which we noted down based on our experience when visiting Oman.

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Dress code for the daily sightseeing stroll


Our recommendation is third and long pants or shorts.

  • The T-shirt should be covering your shoulders
  • No tank tops.
  • Long trousers are preferred but shorts are okay for men. Most of the people you will see on the streets will wear long pants and if you have some light or linen pants they will be super useful in the hot weather. 


Our recommendation is to bring long clothing that does not display too much skin.

  • Always keep your shoulders covered. This means no strapless shirt or dress and no spaghetti or thin straps.
  • Skirt or pants that are at least knee-length.
  • Long skirts and dresses are perfect! Not only are they super stylish at the moment, but they perfectly comply with the dress code as well as protect you from the strong sun.

Dress code for visiting Mosques


  • T-shirt covering shoulders
  • Long pants. Shorts are not permitted.


  • Shirt with long sleeves until wrists
  • Long pants or skirt covering ankles
  • Headscarf or light shawl to hide the hair
  • You might want to bring socks just in case if guards ask you to cover your ankles

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Dress code for beaches & pools – swimwear

Strict dress code at Wadi Bani Khalid

Strict dress code at Wadi Bani Khalid


Swim shorts are usually totally fine. In some places, you will see signs asking men to cover their upper body and swim in a T-shirt, for example at Wadi Bani Khalid. However, we were told by locals there that swimming topless is typically accepted for guys.

To be on the safe side, we recommend taking with you an O’Neil short sleeve wet-shirt. It costs just $10 on Amazon, and will also keep you from a desert sunburn. 


The accepted swim attire for women varies strongly by the place you are visiting.

To be safe, you should always be prepared to swim in a wet-shirt and shorts (ideally until your knees, no hot pants).

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Many touristic places like the Bimmah sinkhole or Wadi Shab are less strict. You will see many women swimming in their regular bathing suits and bikinis, no problem!

Oman Dress Code

Tip: If you plan to visit Wadis, bring proper shoes!

If you’re visiting Wadis and the Bimmah sinkhole, it is advisable to bring water shoes or trekking sandals.

You will have to walk on stony terrain to get to the Wadi and you’ll need to enter the water through rocks and stones.

VIFUUR has unisex water sports shoes that are ideal for visiting the Wadis in Oman! They are lightweight, available in many designs, and cost only $13 on Amazon.

Enjoy your trip to Oman!

Oman has been for us one of the most impressive and special countries to visit!

There are so many things to do and to see that you won’t want to leave again.

We hope that our Oman Dress Code Guide was helpful to you to decide what to pack for your trip to Oman.

Oman is best explored on a road trip. It’s 100% safe and the roads are well maintained. If you’re still looking for the perfect road trip route, check out our 7 Days Oman Itinerary.

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