Singapore has many hawker centres all over the city with some famous ones in Little India and China Town. All in all, we found that most hawker centers have similar offerings, with some specific food stalls claimed to be the best. The famous Michelin star hawker stall was not that easy to find and sometimes stalls were closed at the time we arrived there, thus with so much on offer, we settled for the less famous but still tasty stalls.

Hawker food is very cheap compared with European prices and it brings together the various cuisines of Asia. However, one thing to keep in mind is that often the hawker dishes are not very nutritious as they mostly consist of rice or noodles with a meat sauce. If you want to have more vegetables in your meal, you will need to order those in a separate dish, next to your meat / noodle / rice dish.

Here are our favourite foods in no particular order:

  1. Chinese peking duck with steamed rice and brown Peking sauce.
    This typical Chinese dish proved to be very tasty at the different hawker stalls in Singapore. The city perfected this originally Chinese dish and we would recommend having peking duck if you are in Singapore.
  2. Beef Hor Fun – wide noodles with a lot of thick tasty sauce and pieces of beef. This was recommended to us by the locals at the market, and turned out to be one of our favourites.
  3. Ice Kachang – crushed ice on top of some sweet red beans and chendol covered with colorful sweet syrups. At first this looked like a scary desert, but our curiosity couldn’t hold us back. On our first evening we ordered Ice Kechang, and it became a favorite ( especially of Anastasia!). It is simple, but tasty.