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Everyone is looking for flexible jobs at some point in their career. Having part time work from home jobs with flexible hours is ideal for various circumstances. Whether you are a student, working on your new business or blog, or just had a baby, online part time jobs are perfect for when you cannot be fully committed with your time. 

In this post we share the best part time jobs that you can do from home or anywhere else. Avoiding a commute and having the flexibility to work when you have time are two of the main criteria for the flexible jobs we picked. Before we dive in, let’s clarify what equipment and skills you will need for these jobs.

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Are you looking for flexible jobs to earn money online part time? Having part time work from home jobs with flexible hours is ideal. Whether you're a student, working on a new business or blog, or just had a baby, online part time jobs are perfect for when you can't be committed fulltime. Here are the 8 best part time jobs that you can do from home or online anywhere else. Avoid the commute and make extra money at home with these flexible part time jobs.

What is a flexible job?

A flexible job is any type of work that does not need to be done in a 9-5 basis. It gives you control of your own time and the freedom to work when you feel most productive. You may have a deadline to complete a certain task or project, but besides that, you can choose how to complete your work. 

Flexible jobs are not exactly the same as remote jobs or digital nomad jobs. A remote job is essentially a normal job that can be done without having to be physically at a certain location or office. This being said, it does not necessarily mean that its a part time job or that you can complete your tasks flexibly at your own time. You may still be bound to certain working hours and have daily meetings that you will virtually attend. 

What equipment do you need for a flexible job?

As mentioned earlier, the flexible jobs we will focus on in this post are all online jobs. This means you need to have the right equipment to complete the job online. 

The basic equipment you should have is:

  • A smartphone with an internet connection
  • A laptop

For some online jobs you may not even need a laptop, since they can be done completely from your phone. With phones and tablets becoming more sophisticated these days, a lot of tasks can be completed from the palm of your hand. 

Other equipment that might be necessary for some flexible jobs is:

  • Digital camera (could also be your phone)
  • Microphone

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What skills do you need for a flexible job?

The skills you may need for flexible jobs may vary a lot. For some online jobs, you might need very specific set of skills, while for others no previous experience is needed.

Nonetheless, for all flexible online jobs, you will need to at least have some basic digital affinity. You will at least need to know how to operate a smartphone and a laptop. Some additional skills such as elementary writing techniques and basic know-how of an office suite such as Microsoft Office or Google Drive would get you further too.

Specific skills you might need for some of the flexible jobs mentioned in the list are:

  • Fluency in more than one language
  • Graphic design
  • Digital marketing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Copywriting

8 Flexible jobs you can start today

Here is a list of 8 flexible jobs that you can start doing today and earn money online.

1. Virtual Assistant

Average pay: $15-$40 an hour

Many businesses are establishing a remote employee base these days. Especially startups are more likely to hire remote workers as they in turn do not need to rent large office spaces. 

A virtual assistant is the same as a personal assistant, only, you guessed it, they do their work digitally. This means that tasks can include anything ranging from data entry to managing schedules, or answering emails. 

While virtual assistance can be done flexibly, it is quite an important job for the client you are assisting. This means you need to be able to stick to deadlines and be on top of things. 

Some companies that hire virtual assistants are:

2. Online tutoring

Average pay $15-$30 an hour

Online tutoring is one of the most flexible jobs out there. You can completely decide how much you want to work. As an online tutor you can teach others anything that you excel in. Some sites require you to have a degree or certification for being able to tutor certain subjects, however there are still many options out there that do not require that. 

One of the most common online tutoring jobs are to teach a language. There are so many websites and apps available these days. The best part is that most of these do not require you to have any certification for teaching that language. 

How it works is that through one of the available platforms, you will connect with a pupil using a microphone and cyber camera. Some platforms offer you a way to share your screen or certain material you would like to go over. Basically it is the same as offline tutoring, only virtually. 

Some sites where you can start tutoring online are:

3. Transcribing

Average pay $0.10 – $1 per minute

Transcribing can be done from anywhere, anytime. This is a job that has been around for a long time before the internet, however it has become more popular since. Although there are some promising softwares and apps being developed that can transcribe audio into text, they still do not beat the human comprehension. 

Transcribing is as easy as it sounds. You listen to a piece of audio, and write down everything you hear. Some transcribing tasks might ask you to make some extra notes of minutes, etc. But in general, the idea is that you transcribe audio into text. Mostly, the pay is by minute, meaning that the longer the audio you get is, the more you can earn. 

Some sites where you can start transcribing are:

4. Freelance writing

Average pay $30-$50 per article

Freelance writing allows you to be flexible while earning good money. It does not require you to have any certifications or degrees, however since it is a very competitive flexible job, it is recommended to have a portfolio in place. 

Unless you have previous experience writing for others and can show your work, you might need to write a few samples. These will be part of your portfolio that you can send to potential employers. Although this field is very competitive, there is a lot of demand too, so you do stand a chance starting out now. 

Some site where you can start freelance writing are:

5. Translating

Average pay $10-$25 per 500 words

Do you speak more than one language fluently? If yes, you are already qualified for translating content. There are countless businesses that need their website’s content translated to multiple languages. These companies want to present themselves in a professional and respectable manner. Therefore they are willing to pay a good price for their content to be translated properly. 

How it works is that, you will receive a piece of content in a certain language you speak fluently. You will read through that content and translate it to another language you speak fluently. Be careful with using services like Google Translate. These companies are paying you for a flawless translation, and automatic translation services are not the best.

You may use a translation service for an initial draft, but you will have to work through the text and make sure it sounds natural and cohesive. This sometimes takes more time, so experiment around and see what works best for you.

Here are some sites where you can start translating content:

6. Remote Customer Service Representative

Average pay $10-$15 per hour

Customer service is something that can be done anywhere as long as you have a good internet connection and a quiet room. When you call up a customer service, the people you talk to are often on the other side of the globe. Companies needing customer service representatives to answer calls from the clients hire them remotely often to avoid setting up a costly in-house call-centre. 

For you, you will need to learn about the company’s services and products, perhaps go through a training program offered by the company, and then you will be ready to go. Most call centres operate using a VOIP (Voice Over IP) system. This means, you will only need a strong internet connection and the headset that came with your phone. 

Some sites you can find remote customer service representative jobs are:

7. Graphics Design

Average pay $20-$100 per hour

If you have a good sense for design, and know how to use some graphic apps, you can do mini projects for clients that need a one-off design job. Every company starting out is looking to have some sort of design work done for their brand. Whether it is just a logo, or a full brand style and flyer design, the demand is big. 

For this flexible job, you will need to have a good track record and perhaps a portfolio of work to show off with. This is a very competitive industry. Nonetheless, if you have the right skills and experience, it can be your ideal part-time job that you can do from home or anywhere else. 

Some site you can find graphic design projects:

8. Digital Marketing

Average pay $15-$80

Every business these days needs an online presence. This means that every business is willing to invest into digital marketing. This can include tasks such as managing online advertising campaigns or social media management. 

For this online part time job, you will need to have a background in digital marketing and a good track record to prove you are worthy. If you have done digital marketing for your own business or for a company you worked for, you can use that knowledge to start working flexibly for others. 

Some sites you can find digital marketing gigs are:

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