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Generation Nomads is for those who

… believe that success and happiness are not two opposite ends of a spectrum

… strive for financial freedom to do what they love, where they love

… want to create a flexible & location-independent lifestyle

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Digital Nomad Complete Guide to Make Money Online

Quit your job, work remotely, and live the digital nomad lifestyle. This is the complete guide to how to make money online and travel around the world.

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Taking a Career Break Sabbatical Guide

A sabbatical is great to de-stress and re-energise after a quarter life crisis. Here is everything you need to know before taking a career break.

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Hi, we’re Anastasia & Tomer!

We are two corporate dropouts that are convinced that everyone
can live their dreams!

Anastasia Schmalz
Anastasia Schmalz

Our mission is to help other millennials create a life they don’t need a vacation from. With our writing we hope to inspire you to think about your career and lifestyle choices. Think of us as your personal cheerleaders, who want to see you live your best life – every day!

In October 2018 we took a flight, trading our safe office lifestyle for the uncertain nomadic life. After being asked by many on why and how we have quit our jobs, gone traveling, and started our entrepreneurial journey, we decided to create Generation Nomads.

Tomer Arwas
Tomer Arwas
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