Get into the Nomadic Groove

When it comes to our advice we’re proud to say we’re different. We guide you on how you can achieve your dream to travel long term sooner rather than later.

Who are we?

We travel spirits that are convinced that everyone
can live their dream!

Anastasia Schmalz
Anastasia Schmalz

We are travel coaches with the mission of helping millennials realize the life transforming benefits of travel by preparing you to take the necessary steps to travel full time and pursue a new fulfilling lifestyle.

On October 2018 we took a flight, trading our comfortable lifestyles behind for the uncertain nomadic life. After being asked by many on why and how we have taken this step, we decided to start Generation Nomads.

Tomer Arwas
Tomer Arwas

Travel fulltime within 1 year from now!

Recharge your batteries, go on adventures, and reflect on your priorities, while keeping your PEACE OF MIND!

We help you to take time off and feel safe at the same time – during & after your trip.

I wanna travel long term!