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Do You Dream to Travel Long Term?

We take you by the hand to make your crazy dream a realistic plan

Our mission is to get you confidently on your trip within 1 year
– based on proven principles of Business, Design, and Mindfulness –

We know the problems
We have been there
And we have achieved our dream!

We Coach You to Make your Trip possible

This is what you can expect by the end of our Travel Coaching Program

Change My Life Through Habits

Powerful Trip Intentions

Specific and achievable goals for your ideal trip based on your values and ambitions for the future. And a set of powerful and convincing intentions for your trip to set a sense of urgency.

A Solid Plan

Realistic and detailed plan to leave your current life and start your full time travel life, as well as a fall back plan. This includes a financial plan and long term travel checklist.


A strong case for your trip, so that you can feel confident about your decision and pitch it to anyone in doubt.

Invest in your Dreams!

Don’t ever regret Not Trying

  1. Commit to your decision by investing in yourself

  2. Eliminate all your doubts through getting all your questions answered

  3. Understand the benefits travel can have for your specific situation

  4. Take actions that will get you traveling sooner rather than later

  5. Every great athlete has a coach, why shouldn’t you?

Invest in yourself or no one else will – stop being afraid of what could go wrong & start getting excited about what could go right.

– Tony Robbins

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How it looks like

Get closer to your travel dream with personalized 1:1 Travel Coaching

  • Set powerful intentions that will help you get the most out of your trip

  • Plan your time off with our step-by-step long term travel guide

  • Receive hands on support for making a solid financial plan and setting a travel budget

  • Get access to tools that are based on proven principles of Business, Design, and Mindfulness along the way

  • Focus on the support & answers you need the most

Personalized 1:1 Coaching for Your Unique Needs

We paired leading Design Thinking and Project Management practices with proven Mindfulness techniques to develop tools that can be applied to personal life. Our personalised coaching approach and tools framework help you to set targeted goals and expectations and create a plan that is most suitable for your personal situation.

Based on our own longterm travel experience and the experience of over 300 other travel enthusiasts we help you design a life that you love living!

Your coaches

We are travel coaches with the mission of helping millennials realize the life transforming benefits of travel.
Work with us to plan your trip of a lifetime.

Anastasia Schmalz

Tomer Arwas

When we lived in Amsterdam, we thought we had it all. Well paying jobs at multinationals, our own apartment, even a boat!
Yet all of that could not compensate for the lack of fulfilment we had in our everyday routine.

What did we do?
We took the leap: we quit our jobs, left our beloved apartment, and set off into the unknown.
We took this step many years later than we initially wished to.

Why did we wait so long?
Well… Fear, absence of clear intentions, lack of urgency, no solid plan, and most of all, we didn’t have the confidence that it will work out.
After jumping and tasting the benefits of travel, we decided we want to help all the travel dreamers out there to make their dream a reality. This is when we created our Travel Coaching Program.

How does it work?
We apply business and design tools that are used by the most successful organisations in the world to create a convincing case and solid plan for your trip.

What makes us the right ones for the job?
Anastasia’s experience in creating digital products that users love and Tomer’s project management expertise, strengthened with the insights from 300+ travellers equipped us to develop a unique program that helps millennials to take charge of their lifestyles!

With the Travel Coaching Program, we hope to make the dream of travelling full time less scary and 100% attainable.

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