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If you have started the great journey of finding your purpose in life, let me tell you this.

You’ll NEVER find your purpose in life!

Don’t waste your time looking for it.

Wait, before you go “WTF, what!?”, hear me out.

Finding your purpose in life is something that society is forcing us to do. The question you should be asking is not what is my purpose in life, but rather why do I need to find my purpose in life.

Below I’ll explain why looking for your purpose in life is completely the wrong approach and what you should be doing instead. 

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You will never find your purpose in life! Stop wasting your time looking for it. Ouch! You have been taught to find your purpose and explore your passion in life, but finding your purpose is actually terrible advice that will make you feel stuck more than anything else! You don't have ONE sole purpose or passion in life. Read what you should do instead to live a purpose driven and happy life and watch how your life begins to change.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Growing up, your parents or teachers probably asked you the question of all questions: what do you want to be when you grow up?

As a child, watching Fireman Sam and Bob The Builder, the answer seemed quite obvious to me. Sam is a fireman, Bob is a builder, and I will be a… 

We all come up with different answers to this question.

We want to be a hairdresser, then a singer, then a doctor, and when it’s finally time to choose, we don’t know. 

Choosing a profession that you will have to do for the rest of your life is quite intimidating. After all, we are talking about our purpose in life. 

Your career becomes your purpose in life (wrongly…)

We are taught to identify ourselves with a certain profession, which in turn becomes our purpose. It seems like our profession should define what we were born to do. 

To illustrate this, let’s look at the examples of Sam and Bob.

Sam is a fireman and his purpose in life is to put out fires and save cats that are stuck in trees. Bob is a construction worker and his purpose is to build and fix houses and roads.

These characters show us that you should choose a single profession when you grow up. This profession becomes your identity, and your purpose is the result of this profession. 

So why do we do this? Why do we need to choose a single purpose of what we will do with our lives?

John Lennon from The Beatles had an enlightening answer to this question, which is worth thinking about. 

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.”

We choose our career with a gun pointed at our head

Based on this way of growing up, we are all faced with a choice when entering adulthood. We need to choose what we’ll study and which career path we’ll follow.

The pressure of time is on as this date approaches. We get whispers from our parents who think we would be best off taking career A. Our career council believes career B is the right choice for us.

We ourselves, actually think career C might be interesting, but we are afraid it won’t make enough money and won’t be taken seriously by our parents. 

The choice of career is a tough one, to say the least. It seems like everyone has an opinion and some wisdom to share. 

We end up weighing our options and choosing the one that would rank high on several criteria. The one that makes the most money, is well respected by others and lastly, is somewhat interesting for ourselves. 

Once we make this choice, we are committed to this career path. 

We are committed to living our lives with this single purpose that we have chosen while having a gun pointed at our heads (as a figure of speech). 

Fast forward 10 years, we started our career, we have a well paying job, and the prospects are promising. 

To the outside, we look like serious adults who know exactly what they are doing. 

On the inside, questions start to rise. Is this it? Is this my sole purpose in life? 

Quarter-life crisis hits us unexpectedly 

Many start doubting if they made the right choice. Did they choose the right purpose? Did they make the right commitment? What if they are not sure now? 

These questions are totally normal. So normal that psychologists already came up with a term to describe this phenomenon.

If you are starting to doubt your choices in life between the ages of 25-40, you are officially part of The Quarter Life Crisis Club. 

The club has been growing rapidly over the past years, and millennials are rushing to join.

You might already be familiar with mid-life crisis (40-55 years old). It is a moment when one is doubting whether they are fulfilling their purpose in life. 

Evolution lead us to have this moment earlier so that we can re-design our lives sooner rather than later.

This is probably why you are searching to find your purpose in life right now. 

You are not strange or weird for searching this. In fact, there are 100,000 monthly searches of the phrase “purpose of life”.

I was also searching this term at some point and thought that something was wrong with me. Then I decided that I will not look to find a single purpose for myself, but rather create time to do anything I want to. 

By having more time, you can do different things that you find purposeful

Regardless of what you were taught to believe, your purpose is not something waiting to be found. 

Your purpose is not in the career you choose, the job you do, or the business you create. 

Your purpose is something fluid, you cannot grasp it. It changes its form and shape all the time.

Purpose is a feeling of being significant.

You can be significant in many different ways, at different times. One of the things that holds most of us back from being significant is our limited time. 

So, instead of spending time searching for your purpose in life, free up time to live a life full of purpose.

Create MORE TIME to do things that are meaningful to you!

Your time is your most precious asset. You have limited time, in a day, and in the world.

We are raised to believe that 8 hours in our days should be filled with work.

That’s a huge portion of our time!

Does it have to be??

Instead of breaking your head over what job gives you the purpose you’re looking for, try something different.

Free up more TIME.

More time to be significant, do what makes you happy, and try out new things.

Your purpose changes continuously. Remember how when you were 5 you wanted to bea singer, then when you were 7 you wanted to be an athlete, and when you were 11 you wanted to be a doctor.

You should not stick to one thing that defines your purpose. 

I am not saying you should change your career every year. Yet, you should have the possibility to stop doing something you don’t find purposeful anymore.

You should have the time to explore different options for yourself.

Have time yo do things that you find purposeful.

How to create more time?

1️⃣ Stop wasting time.

It starts with small things like doing less scrolling and being more present.

2️⃣ Do your work in less time.

Get your work done in 3 hours instead of 8. Be more organized! Procrastinate less!

3️⃣ Shift to less labor (=time) intensive income sources. 

Change your attitude towards work.

Rather than working to live (survival mode), start living to work (purposeful mode).

You can free up more time to live a life of purpose by spending less time on earning your money. 

Here’s the secret of the rich and wealthy

Most of their income is not earned through labor. Instead, they create multiple sources of passive income.

They use their capital (money) to earn more money rather than spending their time working for money.

Sounds a bit strange right? But it’s true! Just Google the richest people in the world and how they earn their income. You will see the pattern that most of their income is passive.

They are financially free. They are not obliged to work to cover their bills, they choose to work on things they want. 

Financial freedom is the ability to cover all your expenses without having to work for it. It allows you to free up time to do work you really want to. 

We are not saying you have to be rich. 

Actually that’s far from what we are saying. You can cover all your bills without having to work by creating multiple sources of passive income. 

This is income that you receive every month by having to do nothing or very little for it. 

This is not a myth. Thanks to the internet, there are more people living off of passive income these days than every before. 

The best part is, that anyone can do it. 

You don’t need special skills or a huge amount of money to create passive income. You only need to understand the principles.

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